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EP. 25 - “Changing 1 Billion Lives, 1 Ride at a Time” with Adetayo Bamiduro, Co-Founder and CEO of

December 21, 2018's Adetayo Bamiduro







“It’s not just our era, it’s the era for the African people.”

Meet Adetayo “Tayo” Bamiduro. He’s the Co-Founder and CEO of MAX Delivery NG, an innovative motorcycle ride sharing platform with a mission to make transportation safe, accessible, and affordable to 1 Billion (with a capital B) Africans.

In this episode, Alexander Star and Tayo talk about the importance of successful entrepreneurship. That is, finding a problem that people face and delivering value that would address it. For Tayo, he was able to identify a critical problem faced by many of the developing societies that severely limited the success of his fellow Africans: transportation.