This Is My Era – the Podcast (#ThisIsMyEra)

Ep. 14 - “Forging A Lifestyle” with Jonny Caiani & Jeremiah Lee Klingman (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

September 21, 2018

Jonny Caiani & Jeremiah Lee Klingman



Lots of guests on the #ThisIsMyEra podcast started making it their era at a young age, but Jonny and Jeremiah – also known as the Richest Kids in Maine – are truly remarkable for having built a million dollar eCommerce business at the ages of just 21 and 22. They taught themselves the ropes of using Amazon as a platform to sell their products and, through trial and error, navigated the learning curve and massively scaled their brand within a single year.

In this episode, the Richest Kids in Maine join the #TIME podcast to share their insights on launching an Amazon-based brand, cultivating a customer base, and prioritizing family and community. They provide a clear roadmap for anyone wanting to give an Amazon business a try, either as a main business or as a side hustle. The central takeaways they offer are applicable in nearly every area of life, and show just how many lessons entrepreneurship can teach us that can make us better people.